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You know You’re a Big Bear Local If…

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I belong to a Facebook group called “You Know You’re From (My Home Town) If…” where everyone shares tidbits of local nostalgia and information that only a local would know. Here’s my Big Bear version of the article.

You Know You’re a Big Bear Local If…

1. There’s a bear paw sticker (the right kind) on the back of your car.

2. The car you own is four-wheel-drive (probably a Subaru).

3. By the end of Summer you start dreaming about skiing & snowboarding.

4. You know all the back streets so to avoid weekend traffic on Big Bear Blvd.

5. You’ve actually been down the Alpine Slide.

6. You spend the Winter dreaming about warm Summer days.

7. The annual pine pollen bloom seems to target your car.

8. You carry snow chains year-round.

9. You still call the Big Bear Lake Ultramar “Oscars”.

10. You can name the ski runs at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain.

11. You call anyone that doesn’t live in Big Bear a “flatlander”.

12. You’ve slipped on ice and have the bruise to prove it.

13. You’ve played the Bear Mountain Golf Course.

14. You never miss the fireworks show.

15. You’ve caught at least one fish out of Big Bear Lake.

16. You own thermal underwear.

17. You have a picture of your car buried in snow.

18. Castle Rock is a hiking destination, not a song.

19. Every time you drive up the hill you breathe a sigh of relief.

20. You’ve decided to stop dreaming about living in Big Bear and are ready to do something about it.

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