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Big Bear Lake Autumn and Oktoberfest

Autumn Colors

Fall is in the air. You can feel it and see it. The mornings are just a bit cooler and the trees are beginning to turn their green leaves into red and gold. It’s a magical time to be in Big Bear. We’re one of the few communities in Southern California that gets to experience the change of the seasons like other parts of the country. Our fall season is the time to get the last of the warm weather activities into the scrapbook and start looking forward to winter. But first it’s time to party.

And one of the biggest parties of the year has descended upon Big Bear. More than just beer and bratwurst; Big Bear’s Oktoberfest is a 41 old year tradition that celebrates our changing seasons and German heritage with plenty of good beer, food, and music. Other communities have Oktoberfest festivals but there’s something about being in the mountains that makes it all seem authentic. If you’ve never experienced an Oktoberfest celebration and you won’t be in Munich this season, you need to come up and see what all the fuss is about.

Autumn is also a great season to get physical. The cooler temperatures are perfect for long hikes and bike rides through the trees and out to some secluded vista. If you never hiked up to Castle Rock to catch one of the best views in our entire valley or mountain biked up Mill Creek Road to see the majestic Champion Lodgepole Pine, now’s the time to get out and do it. Fall is a beautiful time in Big Bear Valley but the season slips by quickly. Soon the snow will fly and Autumn will just be a memory.

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Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest

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