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Big Bear Lakefront Properties – A Different Kind Of Animal

Lakefront properties in Big Bear are the most sought after type of property in our area. Understandably, there is something inherently desirable, albeit romantic, about have a home on the water, not too mention a vacation cabin or second home.

The tough part is that there are less that 600 homes on the lake in Big Bear, and less than 5-10% of those that are typically on the market for sale. As you can imagine, this creates quit a bit of demand and thus puts lakefront properties on the top end of the pricing scale for real estate in Big Bear.

The prices for a lakefront home in Big Bear range from $400,000’s on the lower end to over $4,000,000 for the very best locations on the water, though the highest closed sale was $3,500,000 nearly two years.  There is one lakefront property currently pending escrow closing that was on the market for over $4,500,000.

You might ask what makes one lakefront property more desirable than another or why is this one worth so much more than this other one?

Obviously each house is going to be different and that can have a major effect on the value.

But, the lakefronts in Big Bear are a unique animal. More times than not, the value of a lakefront will be determined a lot by the 4 following characteristics:

  • lake level (deep water vs. shallow water)
  • lake frontage (how many feet on the water does the property)
  • lake views (open water or lagoon or inlet view)
  • wind protection (facing east, west, south or north)

Check out the video below for some of my thoughts on these aspects and the effect they have on values of lakefront properties.

[viddler id=e28c3baa&w=437&h=368]

If you are looking to buy a lakefront home in Big Bear, be sure to check out a previous post I wrote about the 6 things that every Big Bear lakefront buyer should know as well as some other related lakefront articles below.

Any questions or comments?  Let me know.

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  1. Obadi Aman says

    I am looking for a 2-3 bed 1-2 bath lake front home in big bear lake and/or surrounding areas. Please email me prices and some photos if possible. Thanks you.


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