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Big Bear Real Estate – From “For Sale” to “SOLD”

When it comes to selling Big Bear real estate you have to understand the marketing process to reach the ultimate goal of a closed escrow. Here are a few crucial tips for selling your Big Bear home in today’s challenging market.

Choose the right agent

Choosing an experienced agent to help guide you is the most important step in the marketing and sales process. Unfortunately, there are dozens of agents that claim to be Big Bear real estate “Experts”. Working with an unqualified agent can cost you time and money. Tyler Wood Group is the premier real estate company in the Big Bear valley and their reputation for getting the job done is the reason why Big Bear property owners choose a professional Coldwell Banker agent.  While most other companies average 2-8 transactions per year per agent, Tyler Wood Group agents average 35 transactions per agent.  With more  sales comes more experience & knowledge of how to get the job done in this market.  The proof is in the results.

Get real on your pricing

It may be difficult to accept the realities of today’s real estate market but this next action step is among the most important. A good agent understands that pricing is the #1 factor in whether or not a home sells. An over-priced home will sit on the market and in many cases, not even have walk-throughs.  Ultimately, it will end up selling for less later on, than if it was priced right in the beginning.  One of the common mistakes sellers make these days is listing it too high and then spending a year or more chasing the market down on the price.  It just makes more sense to get it done sooner than later, for top market value – money & time is saved by all.

A qualified, experienced agent studies the Big Bear real estate market and understands realistic pricing. The agent isn’t emotionally vested in the price and therefore can help you compare your home to others that have sold or are currently on the market so that you can see how your home should be properly priced.

Don’t be surprised to see an offer come through in less than 30 days.  With inventory down and sales up, the properly priced homes are standing out even more.  When an offer comes in, be sure to give careful consideration to it.  If the home is priced right, you will see offers come in and you must be ready to take action.  And remember, more times than not, the first offer you see might be the best offer to come in.  I’ve seen many sellers scoff and reject the first offer that comes through only to sit on the market 3-6 months after that with few other offers to consider.  They kick themselves later.

Depersonalize and Declutter

When presenting your home on the market you must realize that potential buyers want to see the home as their own. That’s really hard to do when you have your personal mark all over it.

So, pack up your personal belongings and declutter the areas so that the true value of your home can be seen. The rooms will look larger and buyers can better visualize how their furnishings will look in the home. Buyers will appreciate being able to see each room without getting lost in your pictures, memorabilia, and other stuff.

In the end, a little inconvenience for a faster sale is really worth it. Take the action steps needed. Make your home stand out, and sell your home faster; even in a market that’s saturated with homes for sale.

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