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Big Bear Real Estate History

Lake-side Real Estate

The Big Bear Land and Water Company was one of the earliest real estate offices in the Valley. This is picture was scanned from their booklet printed in 1927.

Big Bear Real Estate History

The Big Bear Land and Water Company had offices in downtown Los Angeles at 8th and Spring Street. Their motto was, “Building Big Bear City.” We have a copy of their 1925 brochure. Here is the advice they gave to their agents!

Forward to Salesmen

This booklet is a compilation of figures and facts about BIG BEAR CITY. It is not intended for prospective purchasers- it makes no pretense at oratory nor does it contain photographs to attract the eye, or roseate phrasings to catch the imagination.

FACTS may not be attractively couched but herein will be found the statements you may make – which you must make – and which will safeguard your purchaser against those unforgivable sins, “Bluff” and “Evasion.” Here, in cold print, is the TRUTH about BIG BEAR CITY.

Booklets for your prospective purchaser will be provided – these will elaborate on the points brought out here and will give sketches and photographs of the development and progress we have made.

There is no danger in the written word of a responsible company, but spoken words must be guarded. STAY WITH THE FACTS!

It is not necessary to misrepresent – here is a land so wonderful that it needs no vague or misleading description. Its beauty will satisfy anyone who has dreamed of a mountain home, for these sites are unrivalled in all California. Aside from this, you are offering a rare opportunity for investment which may be presented with assurance.

Before selling, you must pass an examination, 100% perfect, on the statements contained in this booklet. Its phrasings are curt – but cover facts.

Don’t forget that asking for information is not a sign of inefficiency. If this book does not answer a question call us.

The information given to you is truthful and we affix our signatures to the closing page of this edition as a guarantee and evidence of good faith.

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