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Big Bear Real Estate – Tips For a Smooth Move

Congratulations on selling your Big Bear home! It’s time to concentrate on the “fun” part of selling a home – packing up all those clothes, toys, and pots and pans. Here are a few tips for a smooth move.

Start the packing process as early as possible. The earlier you begin packing the more organized and stress-free you’ll be. Go room by room and make notes on what’s going with you (and staying behind).

Stock up on packing supplies, including: boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers, labels, markers, packing foam, packing tape, etc. Anything that you can gather early in the process will help when it’s time to begin packing.

Reserve your rental truck or choose your moving company as soon as you know your move date. This is especially important if you have to move over a weekend.

Mark all moving containers with the contents and where it belongs in your new home. You can lose a lot of time searching through boxes to figure out what they contain and where they go in your new home.

De-clutter and get rid of unwanted items. The more items you can donate, give away or sell, the lighter your load will be, saving money and packing and loading time. Now’s a great time for a garage sale!

Use your suitcases, backpacks, and duffle bags to move clothing and personal items. Wardrobe boxes will keep clothes on hangers from getting wrinkled and damaged.

Make a list of all utilities you’ll need to contact to set up end-of-service dates and final bill details; likewise with start-service dates at your new home. Check off each utility as you make arrangements. Make a similar list for all other bills, including auto loans/leases, credit card and cell phone accounts.

Experts recommend trying to move during the week, when more services like banks, government offices, utilities, mechanics and tow-services are open, in the event you run into any problems.

If you have pets, make plans well ahead of time as to where to keep them during the move and how you’ll transport them to your new home.

Separate valuable and irreplaceable items like important paperwork and documents, jewelry, family treasures, photos or any other items you prefer moving yourself.

Be sure to have enough prescription medications with you during your move, and transfer prescriptions to your new local pharmacy ahead of time.

And last but not least, don’t forget to file your change of address with the Post Office.

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