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Big Bear’s Unusual Winter

Baldwin Lake Neighborhood

Given Southern California’s mild Winter weather this year, visiting Big Bear can be a bit different.

You’ve got yourself packed for the slopes. Loaded the skis, boots and boards, and checked the tire chains. Got the snow pants, gloves and sweaters ready. It gets into the 20’s at night. You at least, want to be prepared for that brisk night air.

You come scooting up the mountain to find out the temperatures can be pushing into the high 40’s. The pre-holiday snow is gone from the residential areas. Suntans, and T-shirts can be the, “View of the Day”. Outdoor, but not necessarily Winter activities, abound.

You may end up thinking you should have brought the fishing gear, or even the mountain bikes.

Hiking and biking trails are open.

There are quite a few people fishing the shoreline of Big Bear Lake.

Bike jerseys are highly visible on and off the roads.

You can tell the runners by their gear.

If they are in shorts and half naked, they are long-distance training.

If they are in a group, half naked, but matching, they are locals; probably from the High School or Middle School. (Side note: This apparel will be the same if it is snowing.)

If they are wearing matching t-shirts, but mixed pants and shorts; looks like a church group.

If they are alone, in a sweatsuit bundled up to their eyes; they are probably in intensive training for the Boxing Ring.

Taking advantage of as much as possible, high altitude training ramps up during a mild Big Bear Winter.

Now, on the other side of all this balmy weather gracing the Southland, Big Bear is proving itself once again. “Wait a little while and see what happens!” Overnight, the temperatures plummet and stay there. With rain expected in Southern California, cold and snow are expected in the mountains. Except for those few fishermen that don’t know the difference, all that outdoor activity disappears. Big Bear gets ready for a good blow and the possibility of a layer of white. With many storms coming at night, the day following a storm can be most inviting. You’re invited!

Weather Link – use this link to find out the lastest forecast from the National Weather Service.

Big Bear Fishing – The California Fish and Game Department keeps Big bear Lake Stocked with beautiful trout. Get the latest fishing information here.

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