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What do you look for in a house that you want to call your own? Do you need the conveniences and location of city life? Are you willing to trade out one or two of the available services for alternatives further from town?

If your future home is in the city, water, sewage, natural gas and electric services are provided to the house. Your services are ready for you. You just need to “plug in”. Contrary to humorous belief, the majority of the Big Bear area has all these services readily available.

Then again, the real humor is; there are many areas in and around Big Bear Lake that may have only some, or even none, of these services.

Electrical service is the most prevalent in the whole area. Coverage is really good and the system is very well maintained. Still, if you look around, you’ll find a few places sporting a solar array on the roof or in the yard. Small footprint turbines are popping up in some of the wind-prone neighborhoods. Even today, in 2013, you can still pick up a piece of nearby property, and power yourself.

You may choose property that has water, sewage and electric service, but no natural gas. Lake Williams, Erwin Lake, Baldwin Lake, and actually, many properties throughout the valley, run on propane. If you plan on bringing your gas stove and dryer, don’t forget, the jets will need to be changed.

Many of the outlying properties get their water from wells. You will be responsible for your own water, not the city. This is not usually an issue, but home pumps are something to be aware of, including during power outages. Depending on the system, there may be 2 holding tanks and 2 pumps for even the smallest house.

In many outlying areas, sewage is separated into 2 types, Gray water and Black water. The sinks and showers drain back underground. Toilets don’t.

Some Gray water systems may need a bit of care, particularly when a new owner’s habits may differ from the previous. Digestive enzymes may need to be fed to the system on a regular schedule. Don’t expect quick miracles. Enzymes take their time.

Currently, in San Bernardino County, Black water systems go to a septic holding tank that periodically needs to be pumped. The waste is not introduced back into the neighborhood system. If the house is on a septic system, have you dared lift the lid on the Black water tank? A pumper truck may be needed less than once a year but, do you know what’s there?

A little conscious thought will help you choose the right property for the amount of effort you will want to put into it.

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