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Buyers, Read Those Disclosures First!

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Here’s the gist – before you make an offer on a property in Big Bear, be sure to review the seller’s property disclosures first.

The property disclosures contain lots of important nuggets, some of which may affect your decision to buy the property. What I see most of the time is buyers make an offer, spend several days negotiating back and forth, and finally come to an agreement with the seller. Then, days later when they finally review the property disclosures, they realize there are issues with the property that they were not aware of, and they don’t approve, or have questions.  Many times this can lead to the buyer being upset and backing out of the deal. In the end, it’s wasted time for everyone involved.

An educated buyer is the best kind of buyer.  And they make the deal that much stronger for all parties involved.

So, before writing you next offer, make sure to tell your agent to, “show me the disclosures first.”

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