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Even Andy Rooney Knows How to Sell A Home In Big Bear

Selling a home in Big Bear should be easy, at least according to Andy Rooney.

I remember seeing this video last year and laughing when he reviewed all the self help books he has received over the years.  When he gets to the “Tips on selling a House” book, around the 1:10 part of the video, he gives his simple, yet very true, advice, “you don’t need 1001 tips on how to sell your home, just lower your price and your home will sell.”

Seems simple and easy enough, right?

Now I understand that not everyone can lower their price enough to sell.  They may owe too much or don’t want to accept a lower price.  That is fine, just don’t try to sell right now.

In this market, price is everything. Buyers are value shopping more than ever.  You may have the nicest house in the area with all the upgrades, but with all due respect, it does not matter.  You need to have that, AND the lowest price.  Anything else and the buyers are going to pass on your property.

It is just that simple!

Buyers today are of the bank owned, short sale mentality. They want to buy a property that has a bank owned price tag, regardless of whether it is owned by the bank or a distressed sale.

Sellers must realize that their competition in not necessarily their neighbors who are trying to sell or who have already sold, but rather it is all of the negative economic news coupled with the bank owned & short sale properties currently available.  Home buyers today are listening & watching.

If you are considering selling your Big Bear home, take it from Andy Rooney and get your price in line.

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