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Feng Shui and Your Home


This 5,000 year old art is said to bring peace of mind, good health and happiness. Feng Shui means Wind and Water in Chinese.

There are many similarities between Feng Shui and the rules of Home Staging. They both address emotional appearance; stressing clutter reduction and the use of furniture to affect traffic flow.

Disney, British Airways and Donald Trump are among those westerners taking Feng Shui seriously.

Here are a few guidelines for home buyers and sellers!


If you are buying a new home, look for a property shape that is either a rectangle or a square. Triangular shapes are frowned upon.

The ideal property is either flat or gently slopes up from the street to the back yard. The best properties have a larger back yard than front yard.


Creating a good first impression is important if you are looking to sell your home. Consider lining your driveway with plants. The plants will draw the eye to the front entrance. The National Garden Bureau advises red and yellow plants.

You’ll want to be sure to trim back bushes and get rid of dead plants or dried plants.


Feng Shui experts recommend a touch of red or burgundy paint at the front entrance for home sellers. Be sure to freshen up all of the paint at the front entrance and place a wind chime at the front door.

If you are purchasing a home, look for a front door that reflects strength. It’s an added bonus if the front door receives either full or partial sunlight.

Also, be sure the front and back doors do not align. Feng Shui believes a home receives it “energy” through the front door. Practitioners try to slow this energy down before it escapes out the back door.


1. Bedroom – Your bedroom needs to be small enough to be intimate. Place your headboard against a solid wall. Your bed should not be in the pathway of the door.

2. Bath – A separate tub and shower is best.

3. Kitchen – Consider adding a work island if the sink, stove and work area are more than a couple of steps apart.

4. Doors – Make sure all doors open and close smoothly.

Whether you’re buying, selling or just living in your house, these simple tips can help to improve your quality of life.

Feng Shui and Real Estate;

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