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Got Big Bear Real Estate Knowledge?

You had better hope that the real estate agent who is representing you in Big Bear does.

I get on these kicks from time to time but I am starting to see a trend of more real estate agents from out of the Big Bear area, with little to no knowledge of the area, trying to list and sell properties in the Big Bear area.  Most of this is market driven, as deals are tougher to come by these days.  But, some of this is being driven by the fact that there is a lot more real estate data available online for consumers & other real estates agents to find.

I guess my question is are these clients truly being represented properly?

Here’s a video with a particular example of what I am talking about.

[viddler id=94584786&w=545&h=349]

I am sorry but just because you have a real estate license does not make you qualified to sell wherever you want.

Sure, you may even be able to get some info online about the area, but it still does not make you qualified.  I know times are tough and people are looking to make money however they can, but, if you are a real estate agent, and you have clients looking to buy or sell in the Big Bear area, the best thing you can do is get them in touch with someone who really knows the Big Bear real estate market.

That is the true definition of a real estate professional.

To me, it would be very similar to a heart surgeon giving advice about or trying to perform a brain surgery.  Should they be the one doing this procedure?  I doubt it.

I understand that real estate sales is not even remotely close to being a doctor.  But, my point is that real estate is specialized.

The value that most real estate agents bring to the table is the local market knowledge. Knowing anything and everything about the area, why this place is better than that and so forth.

Using a real estate agent just because you may know them, they have a real estate license, a car to drive you around in, & a lock box key to get you in houses is not smart.  Let’s face it, that does not require much skill or knowledge.

In the end you need someone with the local market knowledge to help you through the buying or selling process.


  1. Does a newly minted 16 year old driver have the same ability to drive as as seasoned 30 year old? Based on insurance rates they don’t, so why would it be any different with real estate licenses.

  2. Are you referring to my driving while video blogging? 🙂

    I get your point though. My main spin on that would be that just because one can drive a car, does not mean they can drive a motorcycle, a bus, a big rig, or anything else like that. Just because an agent has their real estate license, regardless of experience, what type of property & where they are selling properties requires expertise.

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