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Healthy Big Bear Homes

During the winter, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. We rarely think about the air quality around us. By taking a few easy steps we can improve our surroundings. Asthma and other chronic diseases will especially benefit from a healthy environment. From house plants to natural fibers, there are several inexpensive ways to improve your home and your health benefits.

Air Fresheners

Beside adding color and vibrance to a home, house plants also act like an air filter, purifying the air. They counter act chemical out-gassing from rugs and construction materials. With the average home ceiling height being eight to nine feet, the recommended ratio is one plant per 10 square yards. Palms, ferns, ivy and rubber plants work well.

You might also consider humidifiers. Mountain life can be very dry. Adding a humidifier to your home environment will mitigate dry skin, dry throats, and irritated noses (which can lead to sinusitis).

Natural Fibers

Wherever possible, work with natural fibers. Many rugs are made from plastic fibers that continue to out-gas in your home. Try to find natural carpeting that is cotton or wool. By maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, you will also cut down on accumulating dust and allergens.

Because of the dryness of our climate, and its altitude, mold and dust mites are rarely an issue.

Filter Your Tap Water

Many of us spend money on bottled water. Installing a home water purification system will not only cut down on expenses; it will also improve the quality of cooking and bathing water. Living here in Big Bear Lake, our water is already good. A good filter will remove fluoride and traces of chemicals in the water.

Taking a few inexpensive steps can help to improve you energy and overall health. For more ideas, check out the WebMD’s article, “10 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Safer and Healthier”.

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