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Home Selling Tips

Photo: East Big Bear City, Baldwin Lake Neighborhood

You’ve picked your listing agent and your home is priced right. The show is on! Here are a few helpful suggestions about showing your home.

The Lock Box Option

These are not for everyone, but they increase your home’s marketability. It makes your home available to prospective viewers seven days a week. Most Agents will give you several hours notice. If you’re interested, ask your listing agent to set this up for you.

Try not to be home

It’s not always possible, but if you can, it is best. Give perspective buyers a chance to view your home on their own.

 As you leave your home, turn on all of the lights, even in the daytime. Studies show lighting can add to a feeling of coziness. Take the trash out with you and head to a coffee shop. If you can’t leave, you will want to remain out of the way.

Take care of your pets.

Don’t allow the family dog to greet your agent and buyers at the door. Pen them up in an out of the way area.

Keep your home tidy.

Remove as much clutter as possible from your home. Make counter space in the kitchen, tidy up the living room and make the beds. Give people viewing your home “room” to see it as theirs. You may want to also add a plant or flowers in the main area. Studies show this can evoke an  emotional response, which can be helpful.

Presentation is everything. Taking time to remove clutter and making your house sparkle will bring positive financial reward.

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