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Homes and Dreams in Big Bear

Big Bear Lake Sunset

Big Bear is a mecca for the retirement set, and for good reason. Our mountain community offers affordable housing, an active senior center, adequate health care, and plenty of other baby boomers to hang out with. And to top it off Big Bear is located in one of the most beautiful settings in the country.

My mother and stepdad have lived in Big Bear for almost twenty years and they’ve never regretted their decision to move here. Before settling on Big Bear they looked all over California for a suitable retirement community. They found that the cost of living and real estate values were much more affordable here than other areas. They were able to sell their Irvine condominium, buy a home in Big Bear City, and still have plenty of cash left over to play with.

Another reason for choosing Big Bear was to stay relatively close to us kids. My brother, sister, and I all lived in different parts of the state but Big Bear was always just a couple hours away. I just don’t think they realized how close the kids would eventually be. You see, we fell in love with Big Bear too.

I moved to Big Bear the year after they did. Every time I would visit it became harder and harder to leave. Finally in 1994 I put my Orange County home on the market and never looked back. My younger sister followed a few years later and my older brother moved here shortly after that. Now that my folks are elderly we’re all grateful that we live just a few minutes away from each other.

As in any community, the more involved you are the more you enjoy it. My mom is active in the Big Bear Women’s Club and she plays bridge several times per month. She was a member of our local theater group C.A.T.S and played Mother Abbas in the production of The Sound of Music, something that she still talks about. My stepdad is an avid fisherman and a past president of our local Big Bear Kiwanis Club. When he was younger, you could find him trout fishing on Big Bear Lake almost every other day. I believe that the active Big Bear lifestyle is responsible for their good health and longevity.

Once the desire to ski the moguls and snowboard the terrain park has gone, and after the mountain biking and water skiing have lost their appeal, there’s still the fresh air, natural beauty, and friendly, hometown feel that Big Bear is famous for. Even though Big Bear is a community known for its outdoor activities and extreme sports, the fact remains that this is a town with something for everyone, including those that just want to enjoy the golden years in paradise.

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  1. Adequate health care….you’re kidding, right?

    • Nope!

    • Emmet Taylor says

      Hi Tyler,
      I can see that this article is rather old, but owning a gorgeous lot in Fox Farm now for quite a long time, being rather old too, how old is too old
      for mountain living?
      How adequate is BB’s Medical for Seniors—-really?
      Would love to know.
      Thank you,
      Mr. & Mrs. E. Taylor

      • Tyler Wood says

        Hello Mr. & Mrs. Taylor,

        Thanks for the comment. There are several doctor offices in town that help with medical for seniors. We also have the local hospital that can help for emergencies. That said, Big Bear has the resources to help with smaller health issues, but anything major is usually referred to the hospitals and doctors off of the mountain.

  2. I’d have to agree with Tyler – and have satisfactory put it to the test.

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