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Improve Your Price, and Improve Your Selling Opportunities.

iStock_000010428861XSmallThe Big Bear Real Estate Market is not unlike any other market – Price is still the best indication of value.

The most important piece of information your Realtor will provide is the market price. Get ahead of it, and you will be on your way to your next Real Estate destination.

Spending time or money on improvements that a buyer may or may not want will cost a seller big money in a market that is falling. Get the home clean, remove the clutter from the yard and interior, paint with neutral colors if needed, replace worn flooring, make the home easy to show, and PRICE IT ACCORDING TO MARKET CONDITIONS.

If your home is on the market for longer than 60 days, and has not received an offer, it’s overpriced. It works every time, once a home is priced as the best value it gets offers. No big secret, but a very simple answer to why your home hasn’t sold.

The Bank owned / foreclosure properties that are selling are setting the bar for pricing. Most of these homes are in less than desirable condition, and many of them are not in the best locations.

Make your listing stand out as the best value by carefully considering the active listings in your price range. Watch the market closely and be ready to react quickly if a listing or sale change the playing field.

Don’t be afraid to ask your Realtor to take you to the competitive homes so that you can see the competition through a buyer’s eyes.

Steve Hirschler

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