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Is It Really a Buyer’s Market in Big Bear?

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Depends on how you look at it?

Sure, there are over 600 homes for sale in Big Bear right now. But, how many are truly saleable? I’d say less than 10%. By saleable, I mean priced correctly, clean and easy to show, and it isn’t a short sale with no chance of getting approved.

So, we’ve got less than 70 homes on the real estate market in Big Bear that are actually decent options for buyers to look at. When that happens, the buyers are all competing for the same ones. In that sense, it becomes a seller’s market for those properties.

If you are trying to sell right now, you’ve got a unique opportunity to stand out from the rest. The price might not be the greatest but there’s no changing that, gotta deal with reality and control what you can. And, if you are looking to buy, you have to realize that while prices may be lower, there are not a ton of great options to choose from. If you see something that looks good, better look over your shoulder for the next buyer coming in the door!

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