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Is Your Big Bear Realtor a Local, or a Tourist?

Using a Realtor that lives and works out of the Big Bear area, is like hiring a tourist as a site seeing guide. They can’t tell you about the history of the homes that you are interested in since they have never seen them before. Chances are, they may not even be able to find them to show them to you. They may not know the difference between a raised perimeter foundation and a slab.

They might tell you that all areas of Big Bear are the same. How can they tell you about the recent homes that have sold, when they haven’t seen any of them? They may not understand values of a view property, or lake front homes. Usually they don’t know how to winterize a home in the mountains, or what a stop and waste valve is. They won’t know who the utility companies are, or what insurance companies can insure your mountain home. They won’t be able to refer you to reputable contractors for improvements or repairs.

Do you really want this type of representation during the purchase of your Big Bear home?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to hire a local Realtor that has sold hundreds of homes in the Big Bear area? A Big Bear Realtor that studies the available inventory daily and visits the new listings weekly? A Real Estate agent that understands the values of the different areas of Big Bear.

Recently I have had agents from out of the area call me and want me to show their clients my listings. They don’t want to spend the time driving up to Big Bear, but they want to represent you. If you want proper representation shouldn’t your agent be with you to look at the home and give you the benefit of their experience (or lack of..) ?

Buying a Big Bear home without a Realtor can cost you thousands of dollars, but using an agent that can’t represent you correctly can be just as costly.

Steve Hirschler


  1. Excellent message Steve!

    “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.”
    Harvey Mc Kay

  2. There is no way that I can imagine trying to responsibly represent a buyer outside my area of expertise.

    As a California licensed Realtor, I still opted to utilize a local area specialist when I purchased my home in Mammoth – far away from my Orange County market. There is no way that I was willing to miss out on the pieces of information that only a local agent would have knowledge of. We bought a duplex in an association and she was able to give us so much insight into the reputation of that development and she knew that it was a well managed HOA. That kind of insight is not something I’m willing to miss out on in a purchase of that size.

  3. The picture says it all. Having an experienced REALTOR is worth a million bucks. There is nor replacement for experience. My blog is very similar to yours. http://www.AnnArborTalks.com good work on inman coverage!

  4. What is the difference between a raised perimeter and slab? LOL
    Good job Steve!

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