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It’s All About the Inventory

Selling Real Estate is not what I do. What I do is study inventory and market conditions. I then provide this information to buyers and sellers so that they can make sound financial decisions. It’s that simple.

The single most important quality of a Real Estate agent is their ability to study and retain information regarding the inventory of homes in the market they work in.  Period.

An agent that doesn’t know the inventory will soon fail. It amazes me that agents try to learn the inventory after they get a client. I actually should thank these agents for the clients that they give me. As an agent I spend countless hours previewing the inventory of homes in the Big Bear area, and often there are no other agents that have even been to these houses. I don’t want to know only what is available, but what has sold, when and for how much.

This is not optional behavior at the office I work in. If you list your house in Big Bear, chances are a Coldwell Banker “Tyler Wood Group” agent will visit it the first week and often the first 48 hours.

People will copy everything you do, except hard work. Why is this important? It is important because while gimmicks, ideas and marketing come and go, hard work and studying inventory is the backbone of Real Estate and most agents won’t do it. Period.

It won’t take long to know if you agent is an inventory expert. Why waste your time working with an agent that doesn’t know the inventory??

Steve Hirschler

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