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I’ve been MeMe’d!

I came into my office this past Saturday morning to find an email from Chad Lariscy over at The Front Porch View that said I had been MeMe’d.  “Gotta love blogging,” I thought.

I did not have the slightest idea of what being MeMe’d meant but was pointed to a good explanation right here.

So, here are 5 things you might not know about me:

  • I have been married to my beautiful wife Ashley Anna Wood since Aug. 6, 2005.  We were set up on a blind date by our parents back in 2001 and have been together since then.  She is a speech language pathologist at Loma Linda University Medical Center near Redlands, CA, working with individuals who have had head injuries, strokes, and other trauma.  We have no children yet though hoping to have some very soon (as is my mother-in-law).  We do have two Jack Russell Terriers that keep us running non-stop.
  • My favorite hobby is fly-fishing.  I have always loved to fish and started fly fishing in 2002.  Whenever I have a couple of free days to spare, I can usually be found up in the Sierra Nevada mountain range near Mammoth, CA enjoying the fishing.  I think I was a trout in my previous life!
  • I got started in the real estate business in Jan. of 1999.  I am fortunate to be able to work with my father, Tim Wood.  He has been in the real estate business in Big Bear Lake over 30 years and is a nationally known real estate agent, trainer, and consultant.  I always wanted to be a lawyer growing up and if I would have been accepted into Penn Law School, I would mostly likely not be a Realtor today.
  • I am a volunteer assistant coach for the Big Bear High School boys basketball program.
  • One of my favorites restaurants growing up was Mimi’s Cafe (not spelled the same by pronounced like MeMe!)

Some photos of my family…

I have tagged three other fellow Tomatoes in an effort to keep this MeMe going.  They include:

Mary De Luca – BeltwaysRamblings.com

Hilary Shantz – TheOakvilleBuzz.com

Denny Oh – SanDiegOh.com

Thanks for the tag Chad.


  1. Tyler,

    Great to “The Skinny” on Tyler Wood. I am going to have to look you up someday and go fishing. Just the sound of finding you in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range is enough to get me out there! Great post and keep up the good work.


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