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Whether you’re a “do it yourself” type of person or you prefer to call in the professionals, landscaping in Big Bear, CA poses unique problems.

Long-time Big Bear gardeners will tell you about our short growing season (90 days). Our shortened growing time and colder winter season means trees and shrubs that thrive in Southern California will not grow in these mountains.

Different areas of the Big Bear valley support a wide variety of local and introduced plants. The Boulder Bay area is moist enough for ferns. The North Shore pulls in all that direct Sun. Large areas of Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake are in constant shade from the tall Pines. Meanwhile some areas of Erwin Lake and Baldwin Lake are more like dry meadows. Consciously applied water can reward you with lovely mountain green and brilliant flower colors; even good food for the table.

We’ve learned all we can by going around to the local nurseries and asking questions.

Do It Yourself

Kmart – The garden center at Kmart has a large selection of seeds and plenty of flowers. Their prices are reasonable and they have a nice selection of hoses, tools and pots.

DIY – They have a great selection of plants and flowers, including organics. You can buy fencing, rock, soil and posts. DIY has the best selection of gardening tools in town.

Eminger’s Mountain Nursery – Looking for the perfect tree? Need some blueberry bushes? Eminger’s has a large selection of young to mature trees and outdoor shrubbery.

Hunter’s Nursery – Located on Fox Farm, this nursery has the best selection of well acclimated trees, shrubs, plants and flowers in town.

Hire a Professional

If you can’t tackle a landscaping project yourself, have a good look at the work of Big Bear’s local professionals. They know our seasons and what grows well up here.

Stalcup Landscaping Innovations
P.O. Box 888
(909) 866-9696

Eminger’s Mountain Nursery
41223 Big Bear Blvd. #A
(909) 878-3381

Hunter’s Nursery
2132 Fox Farm Rd
(909) 866-2547

Martie Murie
(909) 878 0050

TSL Landscape and Maintenance
(909) 585-2867

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