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Local Real Estate – Fixer-uppers

Wikipedia defines a fixer-upper as a “real estate property that will require maintenance or work, though it can be usually lived in as is.” If you’re in love with old homes, the idea can be irresistible.


Purchase a home in a good neighborhood at a lower price

Increase the net worth of your investment

Here are our suggestions:

1. Do the math first. Add up the expected expenses of renovation, accurately reflecting the cost of materials and labor. Then subtract the expected value.

Experts from the television show, “This Old House,” recommend adding another five to ten percent to your anticipated costs. This allows room for unexpected problems and extras you may decide to add.

2. Be cautious with the type of renovations you decide to take on. Internal, unseen upgrades to plumbing and the electrical system rarely cause the value of the home to increase.

3. Look for easy fixer-uppers. Cosmetic improvements to a home can often give the best return. Painting, drywall, fixture upgrades and floor refinishing are improvements that can show a return on the value of your home.

4. Don’t over improve your home. In order to have maximum resale value you want to keep your home’s over-all value within five to ten percent of the median price of homes in your neighborhood.

5. After making the deposit and finishing all of the financial transactions involved in purchasing your home, cash flow may be tight. You may want to consider using your credit cards or obtaining a loan. Loan options include home equity loans or a renovation loan tied to your mortgage.

Is a fixer-upper right for you? Rolling up your sleeves and patiently dealing with renovations isn’t for everyone. There are gorgeous old homes throughout the Valley. Big Bear Lake has its share of old cabins along both the lakefront and in the surrounding hills. Big Bear City is known for old homes built by Guy Maltby. He’s famous for half rounded wood sidings and gigantic rock fireplaces.

Call your Big Bear real estate agent to view valley-wide options.

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  1. Good information Tyler. Contact Licensed Home Improvement for a realistic evaluation of cost to fix the fixer (I’ve been fixing fixers for over 35 years). There are still some unprecedented values in Big Bear real estate, and we have created equity for many who are in a position to buy into the opportunity!

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