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Maximizing Your Real Estate Agent

CNN Money: “When you go to an open house and meet a real estate agent showing the property, that agent represents the seller’s interests. So you might be better off using a buyer’s agent whose job is to represent your interests.”

Purchasing real estate in Big Bear is an important financial decision.  Home buyers will confront complex issues and lots of paperwork. Finding a buyer’s agent with expertise and local knowledge is invaluable. Market knowledge is one of the most important assets a buyer’s agent brings to the table. It’s the key to finding the best home at the best price.

A good buyer’s agent:

  • stays on top of the market inventory and informs you immediately as soon as a good fit hits the market.
  • knows the neighborhoods like the back of their hand.
  • know the market stats/trends.
  • utilizes good communication.
  • knows the contracts.
  • leverages technology to speed up inefficiencies in the sales process.

We suggest interviewing your prospective agent before signing a contract, if applicable. Here are a few important questions:

• What is their commission?

• What services do they offer?

• Is there an exclusivity contract?

• Is the realtor full-time or part-time?

• How long have they been an agent?

• How accessible are they?

Assuming they are knowledgeable and competent, we recommend that you stay with one agent.  How can you expect them to be loyal and helpful to you if they don’t get that in return from you?

Once you’ve found the right agent, talk with them and make use of their education and expertise. Describe the neighborhood you’re looking for. Give the agent specific information about the style of house, price range, number of bedrooms, special needs, etc. Before deciding on a property, pick your realtor’s brain. Ask what they think the advantages and disadvantages are.

Come and browse the Tyler Wood Group’s Real Estate website. Not only do you have access to all of the properties for sale in Big Bear, updated daily from multiple MLS systems, they offer a team of specialized agents who all work in tandem. Tyler Wood Group continues to stand tall as the premier real estate brand in Big Bear; known for:

• Unequaled work ethic

• Superior inventory knowledge

• Deep local knowledge

• The best technical and innovative web services available in real estate.

• Accelerated and personalized customer service.

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