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Mountain Colors

Fond early childhood memories include watching the colors of the trees change, every Fall on the East Coast. Our mountains here in Southern California take a little bit longer. The 2011 season is in full swing and is expected to peak the weekend of October 22nd.

As a transplanted “New Englander,” it took me a few years to appreciate Big Bear’s seasonal color show. The funniest color change occurs on Baldwin Lake. This seasonal dry lake changes from deep green to pink and finally a deep copper color. Many of our surrounding hills glow with yellow and green bushes. The Aspen trees flash their bright yellow leaves before shedding them for the season. The colors can be seen in town by driving through h Fox Farm near McCallister. Enjoy a beautiful display of auburns, oranges and yellows.

A walk along the Alpine Pedal Path on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake will reveal beautiful variations in color. Grassy fields blend from greens to rusts, while enjoying the shade of giant Jeffery Pine trees. The walk is gentle and takes about an hour. Park your car on the North Shore, across from the Elementary school. During the summer, there are bathroom facilities at several stops along the way.

Although the southern California Mountains aren’t as dramatic as their cousins on the East Coast, if you look closely, you’ll encounter a tremendous amount of seasonal color change. The frost of Thanksgiving and the snows of Christmas await us!

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