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No, It Is Not Always A Great Time To Buy Real Estate

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Yes, you heard right.  There are times when buying real estate may not be the best move.  But, as pointed out in the video above, the decision should be unique to each buyer.

If your only motivation is to get the best deal, then waiting right now could be prudent.

However, there are plenty of buyers out there motivated by different objectives – getting the right location, getting a home before a certain time frame ends, getting a particular type of home or view, getting in before the prices start to go up, retirement, or their own personal desires.

There are plenty of reasons why buyers are still buying right now, regardless of the current market conditions & dropping prices.

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  1. Yep, this is very true and something I neglected to point out in my most recent post. Great job Tyler!

  2. Thanks Rob.

    Not sure if we were in conflict, need to go check out your post.

  3. Tyler, The best reason to buy is to put a roof over your head. Beyond that it is great if there is short term appreciation, but don’t base a decision on it.

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