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Paying Cash In Big Bear? Save 1%!

Yeap, that’s it.

The impression with most buyers is that because they are paying cash, they should get a big discount off of the asking price. That is just not the case.

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Cash buyers in Big Bear are only saving 1% for paying cash as compared to those buyers that are getting a loan or any other type of financing.

I am no accountant, but it seems to me all the tax benefits of having a loan against the property add up to more than a 1% savings.

Year to date, there have been 164 cash sales for residential properties in Big Bear.  The average sales price to list price ratio is 94%.  Compare that to the 95% ratio for all other types of financing.

Here are some other interesting stats for cash vs. loan/other financing sales –

  • Cash sales YTD are up 123% compared to 2008 numbers, 164 v. 74.  This is expected, as overall sales are up 34% YTD, but there has been a marked increase in cash sales.
  • The average sales price for cash sales this year – $303, 418 vs. $258,605 for loan/other financing sales.  I would have thought this would be the opposite.
  • Average days on market comparison – cash sales 101 DOM vs. loan/other sales 130 DOM.  This goes to my point that the hot properties, those selling quicker, are attracting more cash buyers and competition amongst themselves.

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  1. Tyler, Given the possibility of inflation and the current level of cheap money, better to get some leverage.

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