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Real Estate Projects – Kitchen Makeovers

Looking to improve your home’s resale appeal? An inexpensive kitchen makeover may be the way to go. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and Americans spend a lot of time there. Here are four easy tips to make your kitchen bright and inviting.

1. Painting

Painting is probably the least expensive, yet effective, project. A new coat of paint will make your kitchen look revitalized. Be sure to include the ceiling.

Check out Valspar (the Eddie Bauer Collection) for great color palette paint choices. This task can easily be completed in a weekend. You’ll want to scrub the walls with TSP, removing dirt and grease. Use a wire brush if there is loose paint. Protect your cabinets by using masking tape to cover the edges.

2. Floors

Linoleum can give any kitchen an outdated look. These days there are lots of choices for flooring including; laminate, tile, cork, and bamboo. Because of open floor plans, even hardwood has returned to favor. We suggest minimizing your work by choosing a floor that is easy to maintain.

3. Cabinetry

Replacing cabinets can be costly, while refinishing may restore the cabinets at a fraction of the cost (unless you have structural damage). Since painting will cover wood, laminate, and metal, it is a popular choice. If you want to preserve the wood grain, then we recommend staining your cabinets.

Regardless of your choice, start by cleaning and degreasing the surfaces. Then, sand the cabinets to remove any sealer present. If you are using stain, a lint-free cloth is essential.

While you’re working on the cabinets, add a splash of style by replacing knobs and handles. Install lazy susans and rollout shelves to modernize your kitchen and increase its functionality.

4. Lighting

Well placed lighting can add a warm inviting look to any kitchen. There are three types of lighting to consider:

A. General Illumination – lighting the entire kitchen from a ceiling fixture.

B. Accent Lighting – These can be sconces, used to highlight tile or art work; or overhead lighting, for ambiance.

C. Task Lighting – Lights used to accent work areas; often found under cabinets or over prep areas.

Following these small steps will give you a high value impact. A Return On Investment (ROI) for home remodels is usually subject to local market conditions. Historically, kitchen renovations are among the top projects with ROI, regardless of location.

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