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Reduce Big Bear Homeowner Expenses

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Maximize the current upswing in the economy and work to reduce your monthly payables. As a real estate owner on the mountain, tightening your belt will help you to reach your goals sooner and have you prepared for the “unexpected.”

Ways to reducing reoccurring expenses.

1. Bundle your services.

Charter, the cable access company for many people on the mountain, offers several bundling packages with internet download speeds up to 30Mbps. No contracts are required.

Go through your current monthly bills. Consider reducing monthly “extras” such as caller ID or premium cable packages.

Switch to Netflix.

You would be amazed at how many movies stream through Youtube, Hulu etc.

2. Research your insurance premiums.

Call your insurance provider and see if there are any discounts you could be missing. Make sure you are taking advantage of all multiple policy discounts.

Finally, call other insurance providers and compare rates.

If you’re doing insurance research online, start at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (www.naic.org).

3. Review your utilities.

Are you turning lights and computer off?

Be sure your bulbs are energy efficient.

Use a smart charger strip to ensure your gadgets are not drawing power when shut down. Switching the power strips off can save 40% in power.

Consider a small investment in solar power. Start with a charging station that will power you laptop and slowly expand.

The electric company charges higher rates for second homeowners, consider getting a local PO BOX and tell them it’s their primary home.

4. Is it time for you to refinance your mortgage?

If you have been monitoring your credit score and it’s gone up since you’ve taken out the loan, you might qualify for a lower interest rate. Refinancing is considered a new loan, so be prepared for title insurance and escrow and lender fees. Is this loan worth it, will it meet your long term goals?

Use these ideas and make a plan to reduce your monthly expenses. Be prepared financially for the unexpected. You own a piece of real estate in these beautiful mountains!

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