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Springtime Home Maintenance

One of the great things about living in Big Bear is the variety of weather we enjoy. In mid-April, we had over a foot of snow and temperatures were well below freezing. As I write this, just two weeks later, the temperatures are in the seventies and the snow has all but disappeared. We’re swapping our ski poles for fishing poles and everyone is happy to see warm weather again.

As temperatures rise and snow melts it signals the time to start thinking about seasonal home maintenance. On average, exterior home surfaces of Big Bear homes should be painted and decks stained or sealed every 2 to 5 years. Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can take their toll on your Big Bear property. Peeling paint may be a sign of water damage from a roof leak or a broken rain gutter and our temperature extremes and bright sun will quickly deteriorate unprotected wood. A little preventative maintenance now will help you avoid even bigger repairs down the road.

This is also the time of year to check your irrigation system and get the yard in shape. It’s fairly common for sprinkler lines to break from frozen water in the lines or careless snow plow operators. Make sure you’ve fixed any leaks before you set the sprinkler timer and drive away. Minor water leaks can get expensive if left unattended.

Consider replacing non-native plants and grass with drought tolerant species and synthetic turf. Native wildflowers and rock gardens will give your Big Bear home a natural mountain look and provide substantial savings in maintenance costs and water bills.

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