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Sure Fire Way To Increase Sales

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Take care of your customers and your sales will do better.  Seems easy enough, yet many companies fail miserably in the customer service area.  And many don’t even think about it when looking to improve sales.  Rather, they think in order to improve sales they have to spend more money advertising, cut costs, spend more time on the Internet or social media.

There are plenty of companies out there proving that customer service drives sales – Zappos, Redfin, Starbucks, Apple are a few that come to mind.

The real estate industry is full of broken promises and bad service.

How can we give better service to our clients and in turn help increase sales?   These are my thoughts –

1.  Knowledge

a.  Knowledge of the properties.

b.  Knowledge of the market conditions.

c.  Knowledge of the contracts and forms being used.

2.  Communication

a.  returning call and emails in a timely manner.

b.  keeping clients updated on what’s going on.

3.  Do what you say you are going to do.

Over promising and under delivering seems to be the motto of many sales people.

It’s one thing to say you give good customer service, it’s another to do it. What say you?

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