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Big Bear Foreclosure Numbers – August 2010

Foreclosure filings in Big Bear rose back up in August 2010, up 5% when compared to July, continuing the zig-zag movement of the Big Bear foreclosure market. Year over year, foreclosure filings were down 25% from the August 2009 numbers, the eighth straight month that foreclosure filings were down year over year. Keep in mind, foreclosure filings are made up of three parts - Notices of Default (NOD), a recorded document that starts the foreclosure process, which is normally filed after homeowners fall behind in … [Read more...]

Big Bear Home Sales – August 2010

August home sales in Big Bear remained flat while the median sales price showed a slight drop, and the average sales price rose moderately. Big Bear Home Sales Home sales in August (68) were level when compared to the July sales (68). Year over year however, sales were down 9% from August 2009 (75). 20, or 29%, of the 68 sales were bank owned, 7% less than last month. This is one of the lowest months for bank owned sales that we've seen in some time.  The monthly average is normally in 40-50% range. 7 of the … [Read more...]