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Foreclosures and Short Sales

Whether you're attempting to sell Big Bear real estate or you're searching local real estate listings as a potential buyer, it's important to know the difference between a foreclosure and a short sale. Foreclosure is generally a worse outcome than a short sale, if you are the seller, but as a buyer of a distressed property, a short sale is often the more difficult process to negotiate through. Foreclosure for Owner A property that has been foreclosed on means that the owner did make the monthly mortgage payments … [Read more...]

Real Estate Advice for Newlyweds in Big Bear

The wedding and the honeymoon are joyous times, celebrating with family and friends. As you move into daily life, home buying becomes one of the largest decisions you make together. Planning and communicating will save you time and reduce arguments later. Define how long you expect to live there and whether this is where you will begin to raise a family. This will impact what you need in a home. 1. Deposit Considerations Prior to considering your amount for deposit, be sure you have at least three to six months … [Read more...]

Cleaning Up Your Credit – Big Bear Real Estate

Having a good credit score is more important than ever. It can mean the difference between qualifying for your Big Bear dream home or missing out on a great opportunity. Savvy buyers have been snatching up well priced Big Bear real estate within days of coming on the market. The key to having a strong negotiating position is to be pre-qualified and ready to move when the right property becomes available. The first step in the process is to get the hard, cold facts. There are several places to obtain your score such … [Read more...]