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What Do Cash Buyers Know That Others Don’t?

Now is the time to buy! Here's a quick video I did on the cash sales in Big Bear along with two conclusions I came to. Direct link to the YouTube video. 1.  People with cash are moving to real estate as a good investment.  They are thinking prices are near the bottom and now is the time to buy. 2.  Just because you are paying cash, do not expect a huge discount off of the sales price.  In Big Bear, you can expect an average of 2% savings for paying with cash as compared to paying with a loan. As discussed in … [Read more...]

Getting Pre-Approved For The Loan, Not As Boring As It Sounds

It goes with out saying that the getting a loan could be the biggest factor in determining whether or not a buyer is able to successfully close on a property. Along with a home or property inspection, I would say that 80% or more of the challenges that come up in buying a home in Big Bear fall into these two areas. Paying cash? Great, but you are one of the very few these days.  With tighter lender standards in this market, especially in the jumbo loan category (over $417,000 for my area), getting your loan in … [Read more...]