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Big Bear Real Estate – Monday Market Update For 2/25/2008

Below is the update for the Big Bear real estate market as of 2/25/2008. The residential properties listed for sale in Big Bear went up 4 from 1052 homes for sale to 1056. The number of homes in escrow is up by 9 from last week to 100 while sales year to date are now at 53 Big Bear homes sold since the beginning of the year. Vacant land listings actually went down 6 from 328 to 322 current vacant land listings on the market for sale. Pending sales for vacant land in Big Bear are up by 1 property this week from 24 … [Read more...]

Monday Market Update

Below is an update for the Big Bear Real Estate Market. While activity seemed to be picking up recently, the number of pending properties has actually been holding steady for the past few months. The listing inventory has continually declined over the same time frame, which is very typical for our market. We will probably bottom out in the next couple months and then shoot back up to the 1500 mark for residential properties around July or so. Again, this is typical for the Big Bear market. Be sure to check back … [Read more...]