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Winterizing Your Big Bear Home – Part Two

Heat, Gas, and Electricity Heating Systems Most experts advise against turning the heat completely off - for two reasons. First, the winter air brings condensation that can cause mildew and dry-rot. Second, the freeze and thaw will add undue stress to your home and has been known to crack foundations. Install a thermostat that can be set to 40 degrees and make sure you’ve sealed all potential air leaks throughout the home. Natural Gas and Propane Even though you need gas for the heat, you can turn off the gas to … [Read more...]

Mountain Homes – Hummingbird Watching

Part of Big Bear’s outdoor charm is enjoying the local “wildlife”. You’ll find hummingbirds to be abundant across the San Bernardino Mountains. They love alpine trees and meadows and have been found at altitudes as high as 17,000 feet.  Watching them is as easy as setting up a feeder. Hummingbirds are one of nature’s smallest birds and have the highest metabolism. While hovering, hummingbirds can flap their wings from 12 to 90 times a second. This intense use of energy must be maintained with lots of small meals. … [Read more...]