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Should I Price It Firm Or Flexible?

This question inevitably comes up every time when I am talking with sellers about their asking price. And the most common statements or questions I hear relating to this are - "We don't want to give it away" "Let's start higher, we can always go down, can't go up." "Buyers are going to want to low-ball the price, so why not leave some room?" My recommendation to sellers is always to price firm, regardless. I understand not wanting to give it away.  In fact, I've never met a seller that wants to give their … [Read more...]

The Best In Show Is First To Go

[viddler id=9775a0e6&w=545&h=349] Everyone knows it is tough to sell a home in this market.  It is not impossible though. While there are some things you cannot control, like location, there are certainly some other things that you can.   The asking price, the overall property condition, showing restrictions and the like are all things well within a seller's choice to make. Whether they decide to make the right choice is up to them. The two most important factors in getting a home sold in today's market … [Read more...]

Pricing Your Big Bear Home – Get Ahead Of The Buyer Train

One of the most common mistakes sellers make in this market is overpricing their home.  It is human nature to think ours is better than the others.  In real estate however, the numbers speak for themselves. The quote, "Liars figure, but figures never lie" seems appropriate. The biggest risk with overpricing a home now is that every month the home in on the market the price moves farther down, sometimes 1-2% (for Big Bear) per month. Many times sellers start out too high, and then reduce only to see that they are … [Read more...]