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Absorption Rates For The Big Bear Real Estate Market – October 2008

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Big Bear, you may want to take a look at the absorption rate of homes that are currently for sale. This is a good way to become more informed on the most current real estate market conditions in a particular area. There is an easy to understand article here describing what the absorption rate is and what it means for the real estate market. In simplistic terms, it is a mathematical equation that tells the amount of time it will take for a specified set amount of … [Read more...]

Real Estate Reports Should Be Like the Weather Reports….Local.

If you turn on any national news channel in the morning before work you will always see the weather forecast for the day.  And sure enough, when they go to the "your neck of the woods" weather report, you will see your local weather news person give a quick 15-20 second local weather report.  Seems to be just the way it is with weather reports. But then, the next segment that comes on talks about the national real estate market.....is there such a thing? No local reports as with the weather, just one report that … [Read more...]

Snow in Big Bear….Finally!

The first substantial snow fall for the winter happened this past weekend in Big Bear. We received about 8-12 inches of snow, which was very welcomed. The picture below was taking from my office parking lot this morning looking towards the Snow Summit ski area. This should help kick off the winter tourist season which has been slow up to this point. One obvious question that is asked now is do properties in Big Bear sell better now that there is snow on the ground? Historically speaking, no. The winter months … [Read more...]

Big Bear Lakefront Properties – Up & Down The Past 12 Months

With all the talk of how bad the real estate market is these days, I am starting to track the statistics of the Big Bear real estate market. The sales for lakefront properties, and all other properties in Big Bear Lake for that matter, tend to tail off during the winter months as most people turn their attention towards the local ski slopes, the holidays, and tax time. Let's take a look at where the 2007 sales stats for the lakefront properties in Big Bear stand as of yesterday (Dec. 4, 2007). I compared the … [Read more...]