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Vacant Land in Big Bear is Soooo 2003.

How hard is it to sell vacant land in today's real estate market in Big Bear?  Take a look at the chart below... There's been a dramatic shift in the number of vacant land sales over the past several years.  In 2003, our MLS recorded 602 total vacant land sales. '04 we had 514 vacant land sales.  '05 we had 482.  It wasn't until the turn of 2007 that we saw a dramatic drop in number of sales.  We went from 365 total vacant land sales in 2006 to 186 in 2007.  And to top it off, 2008 dropped sharply with only 72 … [Read more...]

Sales Up, Prices Down In Big Bear Lake

There was some surprising news to come out yesterday regarding home sales in the Southern CA area.  Sales were up quite a bit in September 2008 though prices were down. I guess some news is better than no news at all but I think this report needs to be looked at in the proper perspective. I had a couple thoughts about it, check out the video below. [viddler id=75e77d9&w=437&h=368] Mr. Mortgage, as always, also has some good points on this article. … [Read more...]

Big Bear Home Sales For September 2008

Home sales in Big Bear hit their highest mark of the year with 82 homes sold in the month of September. This surpasses the previous monthly high of 2008 which was 67 homes sold in the month of May.  This is also 22 (27%) more than Aug. 2008 and the previous Sept. 2007. The median price for Sept. home sales was $224,500, down 21% from Aug. 2008 and down 17% from Sept. 2007. The median price has been all over the board the past 5 months, ranging between $205,000 to $290,000.  With such a limited amount of sales, I … [Read more...]