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Warning! 3 Sure Fire Ways To Sabotage The Sale Of Your Big Bear Home

Everyone knows that the real estate market in Big Bear is slow right now as compared to the previous 5-6 years. Many people think that they have no control over selling their property, and that no properties are selling. The fact remains that there have been an average of 80 sales per month this year in the Big Bear real estate market. So, it begs the question that why do some properties sell while other laungisuh on the market for many months? Below are three sure fire ways to make sure you property does not sell in this market.

1. Overpricing your home.

By far the most important key to getting your home sold in this market. You can do everything else right, but if the price is wrong, you will not sell. This is not a “let’s put it on the market and see what happens” type of real estate market. The real estate wizard in me can already tell you what will happen, the property will not sell, so we don’t have to wait and see. If you are sincerely interested in selling, you will need to be the lowest priced property in your area/category and still be open to lower offers and be willing to negotiate.

2. Your property looks like a tornado just came through.

With all of the other options on the market for buyers to pick from, you only have one time to make a good first impression. This applies to the agents & buyers. Agents love to show clean homes, even if they are a bit high on the price. If an agent shows the home and they are embarrassed by it, how many times do you think they will come back with other cleints? Having the right price and great appeal are the two most important keys to getting your property sold in this real market.

3. Making your property difficult to show.

Homes are hard enough to sell in these days, they don’t need any help making it harder. Having the restrictions of making a property shown by appointment or between the hours of 10 AM -4 PM on certain days is another way to slow traffic down. If you are truly interested in selling the home, then you need to make it as easy as possible to show the property. It is going to require some sacrifices to be made on the part of the seller. This includes your schedule, privacy, and overall life in general. Again, if an agent has 10 properties to show and 8 of them are on lockbox and easy to show while the last 2 require appointments, which ones do you think are going to get show first? What if the 3rd property is the one they buy and never even make it to yours?

The Big Bear real estate market is slow, that is for sure. If you are serious about getting your property sold, keeping these 3 important things in mind will help ensure that you are one of the 80 or so properties that sell every month.


  1. Tyler,

    Sounds like you have the same obstacles in Big Bear that we do here in the North Georgia Mountains. One of the biggest frustrations for an agent is not being able to show the home when you have a ready, willing and able buyer. And you are absolutely right on about pricing. There are 2 markets when selling a home, the few homes that are priced to sell, and ALL the others!


  2. Thanks for the comment Chad. Still learning the back end of WordPress and just saw your comment. I definitely agree that price is everything in this market.


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