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When’s The Best Time To Sell A House In Big Bear?

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Guess it depends on how you look at it.

The majority of home sales in Big Bear occur in the months between July and October, with the closings following 30-60 days after that.  But, this is also when the market carries the largest amount of properties for sale. 

Another way to look at it – you have more buyers looking to buy but also more sellers looking to sell.

Conversely, there are less buyers in the November to May time frame but also less sellers on the market to compete with.

Personally, I recommend the less competition route.  Here’s why – you have a better chance of getting your asking price a lot quicker when there is less competition. You get more of the buyer’s eyeballs on your property and increase your chances on getting it sold quicker, for top market price.

In a perfect world, the best time to sell would be when inventory is low and demand is high.  But exactly when that occurs is anybody’s guess.

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