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Why I Love Sugarloaf

Since Big Bear is primarily a second home market, most buyers are not completely familiar with all of the different neighborhoods and their characteristics. Like any town, Big Bear’s property values can vary widely from area to area.

In Big Bear, as a general rule, prices become less the farther East you go away from the lake. For folks in the 300k and under range, this makes the neighborhoods of Big Bear City, Sugarloaf, and Erwin Lake areas where they can definitely get quite a bit more for their money. Because these areas are less expensive, it leads many people to the conclusion that they must be ” Bad ” neighborhoods.

In fact, in many cases, this is far from accurate. While there are definitely some parts of these neighborhoods that are less desirable than the other parts, there are also many areas that are really great. This is where a Realtor with great local knowledge is essential. We can show you the homes that are located in good areas, with good neighbors and all the other information a person needs to make a good decision.

Which brings me to Sugarloaf.

I can’t tell you how many times a potential buyer tells me that they have been warned against Sugarloaf by somebody, somewhere. Twenty years ago, I would have agreed with them. Back then the roads weren’t paved and their were no streetlights. The neighborhood was run down and many of the cabins were in serious disrepair.  It was an old, low income neighborhood and probably deserved most of it’s bad reputation.

Things have changed.

In the past twenty years, Sugarloaf has improved tremendously. Paving all the roads and putting in streetlights was just the beginning.

Once the housing boom began in 2000, many Sugarloaf owners tried to cash in by remodeling their old cabins and putting them on the market. Due to the high demand, there were many new homes built in this period which changed the make up of Sugarloaf entirely. No longer did one have to brave muddy roads and potholes in the dark. What many folks don’t realize is Sugarloaf is actually located directly behind Upper Moonridge. It is actually the backside of the same mountain. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for a real mountain setting, Sugarloaf is the most heavily forested area in Big Bear. It is chock full of Pines and Oaks and surrounded by National Forest.

Recently, Sugarloaf became even nicer due to the complete renovation of Sugarloaf Park. They put in a new tennis court, basketball court and skate park. They also spruced up the softball field, playground and picnic areas. It is a good feeling to drive by on my way home to see so many folks enjoying the park. Sugarloaf also has it’s own Fire Department, Post Office and General Store to serve the residents. It’s really nice on a busy weekend to not have to brave the crowds for your essentials.

If you are looking for a nice mountain get away at a nice price, you need to put Sugarloaf on your list of areas to look at. The awesome, heavily forested location, amenities, and great real estate prices make it an area you have to consider when you are weighing the decision to buy a Big Bear home.

If you would like to make an appointment to look at Big Bear property, please don’t hesitate to contact me at izzy@thetimwoodgroup.com or call me at 909-866-3481.


  1. Very interesting that prices would shift as one heads east. Thanks for the post.

  2. Fred Williams says

    Nice article. I’ve read it a few times. The general area seems to be experiencing a real estate economic “boom” since late 2019. Catching up! The area is rich in history – many publications are available locally, and on the internet. My favorite reflections are the film/tv industry’s legacy of production work in the general Big Bear area. I have family in the area and work remote often, enjoying the abundant nature! Residents are very nice, too. When I visit – I give tourists tips, like, sunset is at 7:30PM, tonite, Plenty of parking to enjoy photo ops. parking along the lake! F. Williams – 1-19-2022

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