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Would You Buy This Big Bear Home?

Photo from Big Bear MLS

The listing price is $244,950, 2 bed, 1 bath, 1,020 square feet with a detached garage.

This photo was pulled from our Big Bear MLS this morning. It has been on the market 36 days with this same photo. Given that close to 80% of all home buyers are now going online to start their search, the fact that first impressions and curb appeal are huge, and the reality that there are many properties/options on the market for sale, does this photo make you want to buy this home?

I would think most buyers are going to pass right by this one online.

A couple other items to note: There is only one photo of the home (no interior photos), the snow in the picture has long since melted (maybe it is covering up some hidden gems). What about a photo of the detached garage?

The notes in the MLS say, “the seller is motivated and will consider all offers.” Rather than saying you are motivated, you may want to show your motivation by cleaning the property up and getting some nice photos taken.

I understand that not all homes will take the greatest photos. But, at some point as an agent you might not want to use a photo, or not even try to sell it, until the property is cleaned up and a better photo can be taken.

I believe more damage is being done by going with this photo than nothing at all.

But, I am not a buyer. What do you think?

Update – Here’s a photo I took of the property today and it does not look much better. The previous picture with snow really hides a lot, which might be why they are still using it.

Photo with no snow

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