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Autumn in the Mountains

In these next few weeks, the Big Bear area will be putting on the Fall Colors. Already, the Jeffrey Pine needles are turning orange. Some of the Ornamental Maples have turned a deep red. A few of the Quaking Aspens are losing their vibrant green. We actually saw yellow Aspens behind the bank. Late season flowers are blooming, with Sunflowers, Black Eyed Susans and Rabbit Bush really drawing the bees and butterflies. Bring your camera. The best Fall viewing is coming.

Big Bear is famous for our Fall display. You can already find pockets of color throughout the valley. The scrub brush in the hills is bright yellow. Depending on the area, there are still Fried Egg Plants blooming, some purple Sweet Peas and the last of many home gardens, some still quite spectacular. We’re waiting on the Willows. There are a few along the lake that are starting to brighten. Even Baldwin Lake is undergoing a change from green to pink.

One of the best areas for vibrant Fall colors is the Fox Farm area. From Big Bear Blvd., turn up Fox Farm Rd. at “Get the Burger”. Head in past the STOP sign. You may already have a taste of what is around the corner. Come around the curve onto McAlister and slow down. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re too early or too late! Turn on any of the streets to the right and cruise through the Alpine Woods neighborhood. We haven’t been disappointed, year after year.

Though not directly in Big Bear, the San Bernardino Mountains are famous for an area called Aspen Grove. Aspen Grove is on the Forest Road to Fish Creek, at the Heart Bar exit on Hwy 38. You will need a Wilderness Permit, available at the Discovery Center, and a high clearance vehicle, and as many cameras as you can bring. Don’t forget your water and food! (Have “Get the Burger” pack you a picnic lunch!) The grove is an easy walk from the parking area. We went one year and met some very serious photographers who’d been there since before dawn. The color can be overwhelming, and then the light will change and you want to start shooting all over again.

Take your time to drive through some of the Big Bear neighborhoods. The Fall colors are so inviting.

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