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Big Bear Healthcare Services

For a relatively small community, Big Bear is fortunate to have excellent health care services. This includes a top rated hospital (4 out of 5 stars), private practice doctors and dentists, ambulance services, chiropractors, optometrists, and two large chain pharmacies. Big Bear also has two excellent veterinary clinics to care for our pets and the occasional injured wild animal. The “Bear Valley Community Healthcare District” encompasses our local hospital with emergency services, acute care, radiology, … [Read more...]

Neighborhood Spotlight – Big Bear City

Although it’s often confused with the City of Big Bear Lake, Big Bear City is the unincorporated township located to the east of Big Bear Lake, in the center of the Big Bear Valley. The Stanfield Marsh Bird Sanctuary borders to the west, Baldwin Lake borders the eastern edge, and the San Bernardino National Forest cradles Big Bear City to the north and south. Sub-areas include Baldwin Lake, Erwin Lake, Lake Williams, and Whispering Forest According to the 2010 census, Big Bear City’s population has more than … [Read more...]

Big Bear Lake’s Memorial Day Weekend

Now that the weather has settled down, Big Bear is switching gears for Spring and Summer. Many call this the "slow time" of Big Bear. You can't ski and you can't swim! Not to worry. Everything is being prepared and this is NOT the "slow time". In less than 2 months, official Summer starts. Here in the mountains, we take advantage of every warm day we can. We set our calendars a little differently. We watch the weather and plan ahead. Set YOUR calendar. Spring is here and Summer is coming fast! No matter what the … [Read more...]

Autumn in the Mountains

In these next few weeks, the Big Bear area will be putting on the Fall Colors. Already, the Jeffrey Pine needles are turning orange. Some of the Ornamental Maples have turned a deep red. A few of the Quaking Aspens are losing their vibrant green. We actually saw yellow Aspens behind the bank. Late season flowers are blooming, with Sunflowers, Black Eyed Susans and Rabbit Bush really drawing the bees and butterflies. Bring your camera. The best Fall viewing is coming. Big Bear is famous for our Fall display. You can … [Read more...]

Who Knows What To Believe Anymore?

Ever wonder why consumers lack trust in anything they read anymore? Check out these real estate market headlines I received in are recent update from C.A.R. California’s median home price up 21 percent in April from a year ago Nearly 75 percent of homes are affordable Foreclosures plateau—finally.  Repossessions soar. Real estate's new problem: not enough homes What kind of homeowners choose to default? Consumer confidence on the rise Maybe it is just me, but does anyone else see the conflict in … [Read more...]