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Big Bear Lake’s Memorial Day Weekend

Now that the weather has settled down, Big Bear is switching gears for Spring and Summer. Many call this the “slow time” of Big Bear. You can’t ski and you can’t swim! Not to worry. Everything is being prepared and this is NOT the “slow time”.

In less than 2 months, official Summer starts. Here in the mountains, we take advantage of every warm day we can. We set our calendars a little differently. We watch the weather and plan ahead. Set YOUR calendar. Spring is here and Summer is coming fast!

No matter what the weather, Big Bear is declared in “high gear” on Memorial Day weekend. Plan ahead and don’t forget to carry lots of cash! The whole Big Bear valley wakes up to little signs all over the roads…”GARAGE SALE”. Many organizations, shops and churches also open up for the long weekend. In fact, Big Bear is rather famous for opening and closing the Summer with garage sales. Memorial Day and Labor Day should be added to everyone’s calendar.

In 3 days if you take the time to hunt, you will find more than you could possibly imagine. From bedroom suites to handmade jewelry, stoves, trucks, generators, clothes and more knicknacks than you can imagine. Now is also the time to find next Winter’s goodies. Snowboards, skis, sweaters and boots are discounted heavily on the boulevard. Meanwhile, if you are planning your Summer, mountain bikes, motorboats, sailboats, canoes and kayaks can be found. Over the years, we’ve seen computers and monitors, swords and rugs, yard spinners and all kinds of art, paintings and prints. Books? You want books?

Are you getting the idea that you can find almost anything?

If you are looking for collectors and their collections, try the Elks Lodge. Some of the vendors are as old as what they are selling! The Elks show is a very long running affair in Big Bear. If you are looking for hobby collectors, they draw quite an eclectic crowd.

Don’t forget to check out the churches on the North Shore. The variety and quality of their donations give some great picking! This is where to look for large appliances and furniture, as well as those small treasures you didn’t even know you needed.

It seems funny to have to say this…

Please be careful driving during the Memorial Day weekend. Those “Garage Sale” signs can be small and hard to read.


Watch behind you!

When you hit your brakes to read the tiny print, you don’t want to get hit from behind. Not everyone is reading as fast as you. When you slam on the brakes, the people behind you may not have a clue to what you are doing. Give some space and avoid “fender benders”.

Memorial Day weekend in Big Bear is always a lot of fun. The last of the boots and sweaters are put away and shorts and t-shirts are the norm. Serious Summer tanning needs to be taken into account. Ice cold drinks need to be poured and barbecues lit. Activities on the lake, in town, and in the hills need to be planned. For the “slow time”, Big Bear has quite a bit happening.

Real Estate News;

  • Real Estate Market on Course for Recovery in 2012;  The National Association of Realtors is adding their support to the growing opinion that 2012 is the year of recovery for real estate. The reason behind this estimation stems from the fact that pending home sales rose in March above an upwardly revised February estimation, showcasing a 4.1 percent increase to 101.4 in the Pending Home Sales Index. This has been the highest the index has climbed since April 2010.
  • Bill to Help California Short Sellers to be Heard in Committee; A bill that could give struggling homeowners a better chance to negotiate a short sale – and avoid foreclosure – passed the Assembly banking committee Monday on a unanimous vote.


  1. Anita Pulsifer says

    Does Big Bear still have this big garage sale on Memorial day weekend? Love your article! Sounds fun could you recommend a dog friendly place to stay we have a 3lb dog we would like to bring with us.

    • Tyler Wood says

      Hi Anita,

      Yes, they still do the big garage sales on many of the holiday weekends during the summer months. I’d check the local vacation rental websites and/or VRBO for the dog friendly places to stay. You can also try Big Bear Frontier Lodge as well. Hope that helps.

      • due to cv19-will the memorial day garage sales still go on? i am asking about 2020

        • Tyler Wood says


          That is all up in the air at this time, but the City should be providing some direction on that as we hearing more from the Governor. It’s expected that he will give some control to the local municipalities to open up as they see fit. With that said, I’d sign up for the email updated provided by the City of Big Bear Lake, and the County of San Bernardino, as those are the two different local jurisdictions. I personally hope to see some garage sales!

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