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Big Bear Real Estate Tour – East Big Bear City

East Big Bear City is comprised of Baldwin Lake, Erwin Lake and Lake Williams. The area varies from pinion and cedar forests to high desert. It’s a great area for hiking, mountain biking, horses and ranching.

All of Big Bear City is in the unincorporated area of San Bernardino County. According to the Chamber of Commerce, a “DBA” (Doing Business As) from your bank is all that is required to work out of your home. High speed computer access and cable television is available in most of this area.

We enjoy the area’s access to hiking and mountain biking trails. The Pacific Crest Trail comes into the Valley from Onyx Summit and heads north behind Lake Williams through Baldwin Lake. The area is protected from weather and residents usually experience milder winters.

Baldwin Lake was the original Big Bear Lake. It is a seasonal lake surrounded by Big Bear City East, Shay Meadow and Ponderosa Ranch Estates. The easiest off-road area is 2N02 off of Vale Road. This forest road will take you over Arrastre Creek where you can turn north and link up with Highway 18 through Cactus Flats.

Erwin Lake is home to one of the Valley’s historical figures, Jim Erwin, and his original cabin can still be seen. This pastoral area has a beautiful view of wide open spaces and the valley’s mountains. The Erwin Lake area of Big Bear consists of; Hamilton Ranch, Meadowbrook Estates, Wildhorse Estates, State Lane North and State Lane South.

Erwin Lake has a playground at State Lane South and an extensive Sports Ranch off of Highway 38. The Sports Ranch offers team camping facilities along with tennis, soccer, golf, wall climbing, and swimming. They also offer a variety of programs for the public.

Lake Williams is the western most part of Big Bear City. It’s quiet, with views of Onyx Summit. It has a small seasonal lake and is surrounded by a scrub pinion forest. Trails from here head down to the Burns Canyon area and Arrastre Creek.

All areas of east Big Bear City are within 15 to 20 minutes of the ski resorts, the lake and shopping!

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