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Big Bear City – Real Estate Information

Big Bear City consists of numerous neighborhoods including; Tanglewood Trails, Valley View, Shay Meadow, Pinewood Estates, North Shore East - Peter Pan, Maple Ridge, Gold Mountain, Forest Spring, Bear Loop, Wildhorse Estates, Hamilton Ranch, Meadowbrook Estates, Whispering Forest, Lake Williams, Erwin Lake and Baldwin Lake. As an unincorporated area of San Bernardino County, Big Bear City comprises 31.95 square miles. Big Bear City is home to an airport (L35), KBHR Radio, the Big Bear City Fire Department, an … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate and Mortgage Rates

Looking to purchase a home in Big Bear, CA? Obtaining the best mortgage rates can be daunting, especially since the lender requirements have changed over the past few years. There are fewer lenders and higher standards, due to the mortgage industry crisis. Your credit score has the most influence, but lenders also take into consideration your debt to income ratio, equity, job history and assets and savings. We distilled the qualifications for you: FICO Score Your credit score is the most influential part of … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Big Bear Neighborhood

Once you've been pre-qualified for a loan, you should be ready to put your house-hunting efforts into high gear. The next important step in the home buying process is scouting out the Big Bear neighborhoods and getting familiar with each area. The best way to get started in your neighborhood search is to get in your car and explore, especially if you're unfamiliar with Big Bear. Ask your agent for a map and just start driving around. Get an idea about the neighborhoods by seeing first hand which areas appeal to … [Read more...]

Big Bear Real Estate Tour – East Big Bear City

East Big Bear City is comprised of Baldwin Lake, Erwin Lake and Lake Williams. The area varies from pinion and cedar forests to high desert. It’s a great area for hiking, mountain biking, horses and ranching. All of Big Bear City is in the unincorporated area of San Bernardino County. According to the Chamber of Commerce, a “DBA” (Doing Business As) from your bank is all that is required to work out of your home. High speed computer access and cable television is available in most of this area. We enjoy the area’s … [Read more...]

Real Estate Neighborhood Tours – Fawnskin

You may recognize the Fawnskin area from the Eddie Murphy movie, ‘Dr. Doolittle’. We love this area because it’s heavily wooded and backs into some of the Valley’s best hiking and mountain biking trails. Fawnskin was originally an artist’s community, and is steeped in history. It was the beginning of the main coach road through the mountains. It’s best known as the gateway into Holcomb Valley, where southern California’s largest deposit of gold was found. Fawnskin was also home to loggers and hunters. The Pederson … [Read more...]

Big Bear Lake’s Snow Summit

I finally made it to the slopes. It’s been almost two years since my last snowboard outing. After years of begging my nephew to come up and ride with me he called me over the holidays and informed me he was ready to join me on the slopes. What I didn’t know was my nephew had been preparing for this day for quite a while. He took some lessons last year and without my knowledge had become a competent snowboarder. When he arrived the night before with some of the nicest, most expensive gear I have ever seen, I knew I … [Read more...]

Winter Cruising

Take advantage of Southern California's magnificent weather. Come cruise the mountains. Without precipitation and with the warm weather, one tends to treat Big Bear a little differently than during a snowy winter. Motorcycles are visible in January. Tops come down on the convertibles. Even the Corvettes come out of hibernation. Almost all the streets are dry from that great preholiday snowstorm and it is time to take advantage of this great Southern California weather.  This season has been much kinder, giving the … [Read more...]

Horseback Riding at Baldwin Lake Stables

The only place to ride a horse in Big Bear. Baldwin Lake Stables is the only place in Big Bear Lake to go horseback riding. Located in the East part of the Valley, take Big Bear Blvd. past Big Bear City and past the Sugarloaf signal light. Instead of going up the hill, stop at the sign and cross into Shay Meadows. You'll see the sign for the stables. Continue for about a mile and a half. The stables are on the right hand side of the road where the view spreads out.  If you've never ridden a horse before, you are in … [Read more...]