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Winter Cruising

Take advantage of Southern California’s magnificent weather. Come cruise the mountains.

Without precipitation and with the warm weather, one tends to treat Big Bear a little differently than during a snowy winter. Motorcycles are visible in January. Tops come down on the convertibles. Even the Corvettes come out of hibernation. Almost all the streets are dry from that great preholiday snowstorm and it is time to take advantage of this great Southern California weather.

 This season has been much kinder, giving the opportunity to take care of things usually left for Memorial Day. You’ll see lines at both the Do-It-Yourself car wash on Big Bear Boulevard, and the Fox Farm car wash. This is a real treat!

You’ll also see those brown, mud covered, 4×4’s with only sunglasses and teeth visible through the windshield. Someone’s having fun! If you are so inclined, ask at the Big Bear Discovery Center for some good areas to go “Bouncing” at this time of year. The forest roads behind Fawnskin and “The Dump” are open. You’ll find a mix of totally dry packed dirt, slick ice, and slick mud of various depths. If you really crave mud, in the past, copious amounts have been found up the Polique Canyon Road into Holcomb Valley.

If mud and snow just aren’t in your comfort zone, this is a perfect time to ride the convertible to, around, and through Big Bear. Pick your highway, either end of the 18 or the 38. Put the top down. Put the heater blowing on your feet. Feel our famous mountain air blowing across your head. Circumnavigate the lake at sunset with the radio blaring. Head to town for a great dinner.

Well, that’s one way to drive around the mountains! Day times really have been that delightfully warm. Top down is optional. Any humble Land Yacht can bring you to Big Bear in a couple of hours.

We’ve seen plenty of motorcycles riding our roads, too. You won’t need a snowmobile suit unless you like riding late at night. Night time temperatures still drop below freezing, so if a motorcycle is your only transportation, plan to use the daylight hours to your advantage. We’ve noticed this doesn’t seem to stop some of the locals. Driving highway 18 to, or from, Lucerne Valley has the most rapid temperature change in the shortest amount of time. If you need to warm up quickly, this is the best route off the mountain.

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