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Winter Cruising

Take advantage of Southern California's magnificent weather. Come cruise the mountains. Without precipitation and with the warm weather, one tends to treat Big Bear a little differently than during a snowy winter. Motorcycles are visible in January. Tops come down on the convertibles. Even the Corvettes come out of hibernation. Almost all the streets are dry from that great preholiday snowstorm and it is time to take advantage of this great Southern California weather.  This season has been much kinder, giving the … [Read more...]

It’s Snowing In Big Bear!

When you live in Big Bear it pays to be prepared for a quick change in the weather. But nobody expected the six inches of snow that dumped on us yesterday. It’s rare for a storm of this size to hit this early in the season, but it’s not unheard of. We’re just scratching our heads because it was nice and sunny just a few days ago. All of the sudden, wham, it’s winter. And it’s so beautiful, just a blanket of white. Obviously, this is great news for the local economy. Tourism is our number one industry and when the … [Read more...]

Yeah, Big Bear Got That Much Snow!

Nearly 4 feet in 3 days and my back is feeling it.  To put this in perspective, here are two photos of my listing for sale at 42235 Heavenly Valley, Big Bear. Summer shot...... And after the storm.... If you are planning a trip up to Big Bear this time of year, it is always a good idea to carry chains with you, regardless of whether you have 4-wheel drive. It is very common for the Highway Patrol to be checking cars as they come up the hill and they have no problem turning people around who don't have chains … [Read more...]