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It’s Snowing In Big Bear!

Butler Peak in the Distance

When you live in Big Bear it pays to be prepared for a quick change in the weather. But nobody expected the six inches of snow that dumped on us yesterday. It’s rare for a storm of this size to hit this early in the season, but it’s not unheard of. We’re just scratching our heads because it was nice and sunny just a few days ago. All of the sudden, wham, it’s winter. And it’s so beautiful, just a blanket of white.

Obviously, this is great news for the local economy. Tourism is our number one industry and when the resorts open up, Big Bear ceases to be a sleepy little burg and turns into a bustling winter resort. Snow Summit and Bear Mountain will probably have at least a few runs open by next week and the ski shops are already gearing up for a great season.

The weatherman is telling us to expect more snow today. There will be another storm by next weekend. Even though we’ve learned to take the Big Bear weatherman with a grain of salt, after yesterday’s snow storm, anything’s possible. See you on the slopes!

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